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Company Philosophy

We are there for our customers. Which is why all of our products are produced to the highest quality standards, and why we always strive to meet our customer’s casting needs rapidly, competently and reliably.
We want our customers to regard and make use of our services as one of their preferred suppliers – with respect to both the quality of our products and services, and the conditions and prices they are supplied at.

To do so, we have drawn up a number of measurable objectives as part of our corporate strategy, and are constantly working towards developing and improving our organisation and production processes yet further still.

We are an innovative and flexible medium-sized company, closely collaborate with our clients in developing solutions to meet their needs, know how to take action and actively work in partnership with our customers and suppliers. Every one of our staff take personal responsibility for the quality of the work they produce, and our transparent production process enable them to carry out their work and meet the requirements of their areas of specialisation reliably and competently.

Our strength are our people – in other words: our staff. Because it’s our staffs’ professional qualifications, experience and inventiveness that keep paving our road to success.

Our economic success furthermore guarantees our company’s future. We are always aware of the issue of costs and take great pride in the cost-effectiveness of our products and services, which we achieve primarily by always aiming to increase our productivity and lowering our costs.

Environmental protection is relevant to everybody, which is why we not only take economic but also ecological issues very much to heart, and constantly strive to protect natural resources wherever possible, reduce emissions, and increase the safety of our works and machinery. We furthermore are continuously working towards making all of our production processes and working conditions even more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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